8 Ball: Round 1 - LoveTheAss Punches Axel Abysse 1

8 Ball: Round 1 – LoveTheAss Punches Axel Abysse

Double Fisting at half price

In this new video by Axel Abysse, the famous fisting bottom experiments with his rosebud. He takes billiard balls up it and then gets punched by LoveTheAss.

Axel Abysse was in a mood for something strange, so he decided to invite his new friend LoveTheAss to have punch fisting fun in a special way. In fact, how was the idea of such a video born? Axel was bored at home and surfed through countless television channels. He found a billiard channel, but instead of watching the sport, he thought of how the billiard balls would fit his rosebud. The idea was perfect, so he went to a nearby sporting goods store and bought a set of balls. We’re sure, the seller could not even think of the other purpose of the balls.

Axel Abysse comes home, carrying the box with his new toys. He tells LoveTheAss about his idea and he joins with joy. To be honest, we could not find such a video on our site, but we’re sure we’ve seen a video with a man, taking billiard balls up his hole, before. Actually, we’re talking about Dick Wadd’s Fisting Orgy. In the third part Steve Pierce takes some balls up his ass, but unfortunately this scene isn’t a part of the trailer we have.

Now, let’s try to tell more about the current video if possible. Actually, fisting here is the background, because in most of the video you will see Axel’s rosebud… well also a set of billiard balls put into it. Of course, there are not missed our favorite things. LoveTheAss punches Axel Abysse and fucks him with a giant dildo. LoveTheAss alternates toys, dildos and hands, making the scene quite dynamic. Still, we prefer to watch more punch fisting, so if you ask us about our favorite part, we will definitely tell you the second one of the video is the cooler one.

Axel Abysse

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