8 Ball: Round 2 – Axel Abysse Punches LoveTheAss 4

8 Ball: Round 2 – Axel Abysse Punches LoveTheAss

Axel Abysse

The non-traditional billiard tournament continues. In round two, LoveTheAss will get his own billiard pocket filled with balls and Axel Abysse’s fist.

If you want to be good at the pool, you definitely need to train regularly. It’s the same as with fisting – to be good, you need to improve every day. That is why Axel Abysse and his new friend LoveTheAss meet for the second round of their punch fisting session. The two of them have already learned to hit the holes, they have definitely become better in taking balls, but while LoveTheAss learned to be perfect, Axel simply had fun, and that’s not fair.

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LoveTheAss also wants to be a billiard table, and also wants to have his ass filled by big balls. Axel is a bit selfish about his preferences in sex and prefers to be the bottom again, but he still has to give up and fulfill the wishes of his friend. In this game, the rules require a team play, so Axel Abysse has no choice but to prepare his fist and billiard balls for action. It is definitely time to see if LoveTheAss’ billiard pocket is wide enough to take a few big balls and Axel’s fist afterwards.

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Let our perverse game begin now! Axel Abysse gloves up and starts gay fisting. He penetrates his friend’s anus and pushes his fist stronger. It slowly glides deeper and deeper, as Axel goes almost elbow deep into LoveTheAss’s anal tunnel. Axel is sure that there’s a room for more, so he puts 3 big billiard balls inside to hole of LoveTheAss. Then, he continues with more punch fisting, wrecking his friend’s ass. Once the hole is ruined enough, Axel tongue fucks and rims, LoveTheAss’ rosebud.

Axel Abysse

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