AmericanFF Gets His Ass Fucked Raw By 3 Guys 1

AmericanFF Gets His Ass Fucked Raw By 3 Guys

Axel Abysse

AmericanFF gets bareback fucked and drenched in piss & cum by rough fuckers Yah-Jil, Pan Bash and Silas Rise.

AmericanFF joins the team of My Dirtiest Fantasy with a kinky bareback orgy. Yah-Jil, Pan Bash, Silas Rise show the new guy what fucking and pissing really mean. The story takes place inside an old car service. He has just begun work in the company, so now the novice wants to prove himself as the greatest professional. He is very diligent and really works very carefully and precisely. The work of a mechanic is annoying, so we will stop describing his duty here.

AmericanFF likes his colleagues without knowing that they have done little research on him on the internet. He has disturbing videos that his colleagues have already watched. If you’re curious about them, you can watch them here on BrutalRed. The American guy has 2 fisting videos – in the first one he bottoms for Jose Estrella. The second video features him and Matthias Von Fistenberg, fist fucked by Jose. So, new friends of the dude definitely saw him from outside and inside.

During their lunch break, AmericanFF sits on a wheel, when Yah-Jil, Pan Bash and Silas Rise approach him. The three of them pull their dicks out and tell the guy to suck them all. It’s lunch time, so the American doesn’t mind to have some cocks. After the blowjobs, the three rough tops take turns bareback fucking their new colleague’s ass. American is quite sweaty, so Pan finds a good way to cool him. While the other two men continue fucking him, Pan starts pissing and drenches American in his urine. Very soon Yah and Silas cum all over the new guy.

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