Anani 5 Video Adds Titillating ASMR Experience to Axel Abysse

Anani 5 Video Adds Titillating ASMR Experience to Axel Abysse

Double Fisting at half price

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation triggered by certain low-level sounds. This hair-raising response is part of the reaction to Tokyo-based kink auteur Axel Abysse’s first foray into pornographic ASMR video. The artist explains,

“ANANI 5 is subtitled ‘ASMR Edition’. It’s my first attempt at making an ASMR video. This is quite the trend on Youtube and I haven’t seen any proper porn version of it. I’m definitely sure it’s a first in the fisting world and my fisted hole is definitely singing! I play with the sounds of lube, sweat, spit on my skin, my dick, my balls, my throat, my toys, my hole… Trying to trigger the senses of the viewer with my body. “

ANANI 5’s title refers to a Japanese/English neologism for anal masturbation.The solo exploration of his skin and orifices by Abysse himself is captured in closeups and sensitive microphones for a supremely intimate experience. We hear the slosh of lubrication and penetration, the soft crackle as hands brush over moist, stubbled skin, and the low, measured breathing that grounds the entire episode. It wouldn’t be an Axel Abysse video without fisting, and his hole gets a workout here from big toys and the artist’s own hands.
Abysse’s website provides an intriguing description of this personal, experimental video update:

“Axel invites you into the intimacy of his room, where no boundaries apply. From the scent of his armpits to the depths of his hole, let the curse whisper to your ears and wake your senses… Put your earphones on to enjoy the experience to its fullest.”

See if the hairs on your arm stand on end when you first experience the ASMR solo seduction of ANANI 5. It premiered June 28th on

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