Axel Abysse - Anani 5: ASMR Edition, Part 1

Axel Abysse – Anani 5: ASMR Edition, Part 1

Double Fisting at half price

After his four gay fisting sessions with Gr8holeofChina, that time Axel Abysse decided to do something completely different – a solo session with him, using some ASMR stimulation. If you’re wondering what the fuck ASMR is, keep calm, we’re going to tell you. The sole purpose of ASMR is to relax people. The sensation is close to yoga, as in the case of Axel Abysse the ultimate goal is the achievement of multiple anal orgasms. Well, we must say that after so many fists and big dildos, the latter can be achieved without any additional stimulation.

A few things that impress particularly strongly in this scene. First of all, we notice the huge pierced dick of Axel. He puts a few rubber rings around it and the balls so that they look so stretched and shiny. The second thing that deserves our attention is Axel’s beard. We don’t know if you think like us, but this beard is so suitable for him… He looks more manly than ever. Of course, these are details, because the video is still designed to satisfy the wishes of fisting fans. Axel Abysse starts by shoving a giant blue dildo up his rosebud. After that extreme dildo fucking, Axel pushes his fist in his own ass and proceeds strong punching. That’s it! All that combination of massive rosebuds, toys and Axel playing with his hollow, there’s no way you don’t like it.

Axel Abysse

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