Axel Abysse

Axel Abysse was punched by an unknown man the other day

Double Fisting at half price

In his Twitter profile, Axel Abysse complains and praises at the same time. He shares that last Friday he was supposed to shoot a photo session, but the photographer did not come.

Wait, I forgot I spent 2 hours on the phone setting up a photoshoot with a photographer who never showed up last Friday. I waited 2 hours for him. He then apologized, saying he was sleeping (in the afternoon. Professionalism.

He feels frustrated because he deprived himself of his favorite pastime the night before.

The worst part is that I was getting fisted by a friend last night, and while he was extremely good and gave me a dozen of crazy orgasms, I asked to stop so I would be fresh today. Now I hope he wrecked me until my guts fell on the floor. I hate being reasonable for nothing.

After all, the story has a happy ending, because Axel has met an unfamiliar man who took care of his rosebud that night.

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