Bound Gods:  Lukas Tyler Gets Tormented By Jack Dyer

Bound Gods: Lukas Tyler Gets Tormented By Jack Dyer

Double Fisting at half price

Uniform sex, leather fetish and extremely brutal gay bondage, boot licking.. we have them all in this week’s Bound Gods’ video, featuring submissive soldier Lukas Tyler and rough Master, daddy Jack Dyer. Lukas remains outside behind a structure, wearing a disguise military uniform, checking his telephone. Strolling up from around the bend comes Jack, looking extreme in leather gloves, leather chaps over denim, and tall leather boots. Jack shakes Lukas’ hand and reveals to him a debt of gratitude is in order for his administration and wishes him a cheerful Fourth of July.

Lukas Tyler and Jack Dyer start discussing Lukas’ military foundation and Jack promptly doesn’t purchase his horse crap story. Blameworthy of stolen valor, Jack curbs Lukas and brings him inside. There, Jack puts Lukas face down on the ground and ties him up in rope subjugation with three distinct shades of rope…red, white, and blue. Lukas’ arms are bound behind his back with rope that associates with his boots. Jack sits down at his position of authority and brings down Lukas pants. He crops Lukas’ exposed ass barbarously until his pale ass turns brilliant pink. He makes Lukas lick his leather boots and Lukas licks them spotless and even buffs them with his facial hair. He strips Lukas exposed, binds his hands behind his back, and takes out his flogger.

Jack Dyer whips his ass over and over and Lukas Tyler shouts however a ball choke. Jack plays with Lukas’ asshole with his leather gloved hands. He takes out the ball choke and replaces it with his penetrated hard cock and muffles him with it. He face-fucks Lukas until comical spills out of his mouth. Next, Lukas is tied up on his back, blindfolded with a clothespin zipper over his middle, spreader bar between his knees, getting fucked. Jack fucks his ass profound and hard and tears the zipper from his body. He fucks him considerably harder and gets up to cum down Lukas’ throat.

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