Casper Ellis Gets Fist Fucked By Sebastian Kane - Part 1

Casper Ellis Gets Fist Fucked By Sebastian Kane – Part 1

Double Fisting at half price

Daddy Sebastian Kane is not muscular, he is not even particularly sexy, but he has a huge advantage – more than 30 years of experience in the world of gay BDSM. Casper Ellis is also a very ordinary man, but he also has one significant advantage – his huge, heavy used gape. Sebastian had a different plan for today’s BoyNapped scene, but Kasper insisted on taking Sebastian’s big fist up his ass.

When a man has a stretched hole like the one Casper has, you’d presumably need to utilize it to the maximum, isn’t that so? Sebastian has something extraordinary gotten ready for the beginning of this session, getting the smooth and bare guy up in a framework situate, restricting him set up and blindfolding the guy. At the point when Casper feels the lube on his hole he presumably recognizes what’s coming! The masters fills the Casper Ellis’ hole with his fist! Casper was so hard toward the begin, however at this point his whole cock is floppy, he still truly enjoys the vibe of that hand inside him however.

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