Daddy Andres Raw Fucks Alvin In The Sling 3

Daddy Andres Raw Fucks Alvin In The Sling

Axel Abysse

Horny young dude Alvin finds himself in a BDSM dungeon. Daddy Andres puts the poor guy in a sling and fucks him bareback until Alvin’s ass gets sore.

Alvin is a little, horny bottom. He is very obedient and ready to execute all commands if he finally gets what he wants – raw fucking in the sling. While looking for another sex date, he gets a message from Andres. Andres writes that he loves naughty men very much, and promises the young man a lot of pleasant surprises if he accepts to meet live. Alvin is more than interested. Andres is obviously quite adept and Alvin is eager to find out what surprises he has prepared for him.

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Andres sends a message with his address to Alvin, and very soon the young man arrives at the place. Andres predisposes the young man by asking him a series of questions about his life and his interests. Alvin explains what he does in his spare time, reminding him that he’s not here to talk, but to have sex. Andres is definitely pissed off Alvin’s insolent behavior, so he decides to show him his brutal nature. He forces him to wear leather briefs and puts a strap around his neck. He then takes him to his basement, where Alvin realizes what is about to happen to him. The entire dungeon is equipped with slings and BDSM items that show that daddy Andres likes it hard.

Andres pulls his dick out and forces Alvin to take it down his throat. Alvin actually doesn’t mind to do it. The cock is not long but it’s very fat so Alvin wants it hard, shoved in his ass. Very soon that happens. Andres puts Alvin in the sling and proceeds bareback fucking. He finish the job by spitting his cum inside the young cock whore.

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