Growl Boys: Episode 2 - Barebacking Doug 4

Growl Boys: Episode 2 – Barebacking Doug

Axel Abysse

Poor growl boy Doug needs money to survive. He’s a werecat and everybody hates him. Excluding kinky dude Sam who fucks the creature for money.

We’ve already told you the story of the werewolf Matthew. If you remember, the young student was infected by his professor’s semen, which made Matthew a combination of a human and a wolf. Today we’re going to tell you another story, the story of werecat Doug. If you’re wondering what a werecat is, it’s the same thing as a werewolf, except that the odd creature is the result of the combination of a man and a cat. How did Doug get here, how he transformed and what he does in his new life. We’re about to see.

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Doug has always had a miserable life. He was abandoned by his parents many years ago, and inhabited almost all orphanages. After becoming adult, he becomes a homeless. He is noticed by a mad scientist who decides to include Doug in his experiments for money. Unfortunately, the scientist did not notify Doug of the nature of the experiments that involved turning him into a werecat. When he is transformed, nothing can be done. On top of that, the mad professor decides that the experiment is unsuccessful and leaves his creature on the street.

Dogg has been a homeless for a year now. He crosses the streets in search of food and shelter, but no one wants a hairy monster nearby. He has lost hope, but his fate sends him a surprise. Sam is an ordinary person who has strange sexual preferences. He loves werecats and werewolfs, and when he finally finds Doug, they make a deal – he will give him the money he needs to survive if Doug agrees to be Sam’s sex toy. That’s how their story begins.. with Sam barebacking Doug.


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