HungerFF Destroys Skye Porter's Rosebud 6

HungerFF Destroys Skye Porter’s Rosebud

Double Fisting at half price

Skye Porter’s rosebud needs punch fisting and HungerFF gives it to him.

Last time HungerFF helped Sky Porter in his rosebud progress by punching his hole. As you probably remember, Skye’s big dream is to have such a large prolapse like Hunger’s one, but that dream needs long and regular punch fisting sessions. Hunger promised Skye to transform his rosette, but for this purpose he must be stubborn and strictly follow the recommendations Hunger gives him during their meetings. Two weeks have passed since their last training, so today they will have to catch up with the missed parts.

What is going on today? Sky Porter will have to work for his depth. If he wants to be like his idol, he definitely needs a deeper hole. So HungerFF will help him with this part, preparing him for deeper fisting. Hunger explains to Skye that this is the most important part of his prolapse progress. Hunger knows that this is also the most difficult part, so he has prepared a nice toy for the ass – it’s a very long dildo that Skye has to take in order to have his rosebud bigger.

HungerFF slowly penetrates the rosebud of Skye Porter with the toy. The dildo slides deep inside Skye’s guts and surprisingly it’s very soon up to the base in Skye. Hunger is happy to see Skye’s great potential so he proceeds extremely hard dildo fucking. Apparently, Skye is deep enough so Hunger continues with more ass punching. He slips his extra hairy fist in Skye and gives him the best punching. In the end Skye’s rosette is bigger than ever. Several more workouts and Sky will have the rose of his dreams.

Fist Alley

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