Jay Donahue Fist Fucks Sherman Maus – Part 2 2

Jay Donahue Fist Fucks Sherman Maus – Part 2

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Sherman tries it double.

Last time Sherman Maus was fist fucked and barebacked at the same time by Jay Donahue. Today he tries his first double fisting. As you remember, during the first part Sherman shared that he hoped to take two fists at once. He asked Jay to do his best to make his hole as wide as possible. But how much is possible? The second part convinces us that Sherman really has a great talent in fisting.

The Big C Men

Jay Donahue Fist Fucks Sherman Maus – Part 2 2
Jay proceeds fist fucking.

Donahue is not sure how to proceed. Initially, it starts with a few fingers and gradually begins to become faster and harder until his fist is absorbed by Sherman again. This time Jay tries Sherman’s ass in depth. In the middle of the session you can see Jay elbow deep inside Sherman. Then, Jay tries to fist fuck Sherman double but apparently the pig needs an extra punching.

Jay Donahue Fist Fucks Sherman Maus – Part 2 1
Punching is always good.

Jay obviously knows how to do it because slowly but effectively he finally manages to reach the goal. His second fist finally disappears inside Sherman’s hairy ass. Jay asks Maus if everything is okay and whether he likes it, as Sherman responds confirmatory. At the end Jay starts double punching which makes Sherman screaming in pleasure.

Is Sherman the new fisting star? 2019 is definitely his year and as you will see later, he really has a lot of scenes to display. Pretty soon we’ll see him again.

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