Jayden Banks, Troy Sparks and Axel Abysse: Rosebud Punch 4

Jayden Banks, Troy Sparks and Axel Abysse: Rosebud Punch

There’s nothing better than a well punched rosebud. Jayden Banks, Troy Sparks and Axel Abysse in a great rosebud punch fisting threesome.

This week Axel Abysse shows us a slightly different fisting video. It is different, because it’s shot in the spirit of so popular amateur channels. To be honest, Axel needed to leave his comfort zone and do something like that. In the end, the result is very good, because unlike amateurs, Axel knows what fans really want. Fans for example, adore new faces. We really like new guys who join Axel’s team today – Jayden Banks and Troy Sparks.

Jayden and Troy are real life gay couple. They live in San Francisco and definitely contribute to his glory as a city of sin. The two have sex multiple times a day, usually with different partners, as they do it in a variety of places – in general, wherever they want. The specific scene was shot last December, when Jayden Banks and Troy Sparks saw Axel’s post in Twiter, where he was looking for guys which want to fist fuck him. If you follow Axel Abysse on Twitter, you probably know that he had a long and hard time touring in America. We believe that scene was the great end of his American adventure.

What happens in the video? It starts with Troy Sparks, sucking Axel Abysse’s pierced cock. Meanwhile Jayden Banks is watching them while jerking off. Then, Axel gets fucked by a cock.. Yep, it’s a cock, not a fist! Big dick stud Troy penetrates Axel’s rosebud and fucks it for a while. Next, Troy is on all fours, ready for rosebud punch. This big dick top is also a great fisting bottom. Axel shows Jayden how to fist fuck his boyfriend properly before he gets his rosebud punched too.

Axel Abysse

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