Leather Daddy Dale Savage Punishes Mason Lear

Leather Daddy Dale Savage Punishes Mason Lear

Axel Abysse

Mason Lear is a tall, ripped youthful stud with a major, shake hard cock. He meanders into Dale Savage’s prison, realizing he’s there to serve, and realizing he will be rebuffed, however ignorant of precisely what’s available. Dale makes him suck his hard cock and fucks his ass while handcuffed, and furthermore utilizes flagellating, editing, power, sway play, a bar stifler, and some great out-dated control. At the point when Dale initially arrives, Mason is preparing for action, so, all things considered he knows to take off his garments so his lord can start. At the point when Mason is bare, and his tore body is completely uncovered, Dale begins by editing him, and placing him in his place.

Dale Savage keeps Mason Lear staring him in the face and knees and swats his ass and plays with his hole. He at that point turns him around to make him venerate his cock through his leather pants. He lifts Mason up and plays with his chiseled physique, punching his abs, smacking his chest, and grabbing his cock through his leather muscle head. Dale at that point liberates that enormous dick from is requirements, jolting it and carrying Mason to the edge. His cock has a place with Dale, and he should do anything requested of him. Dale yanks that cock some more, yet denies Mason a climax, at that point shackles him to a leather, turning wheel. Mason’s blindfolded as Dale utilizes the electric, velvet wand on his body, sliding down his abs to his thick cock. He zaps his dick, his cockhead, and his balls, at that point turns Mason onto his side and pushes his cock into his mouth.

Mason Lear sucks and gags on that dick, as Dale orders him to concentrate on the head. He at that point props Mason back up and flagellates, despite everything him blindfolded so he can’t envision a solitary negative mark against his body. Mason is flipped over so Dale can get at his sweet fucking ass. He utilizes a zapped oar on him, making Mason shout like a bitch, before Dale Savage pushes his hard cock into his ass and truly fucks him sideways. Mason is choked and completely controlled. Everything he can do is snort and groan and take the hard beating, that thick daddy dick hammering in his ass. Eventually, Dale Savage discharges Mason Lear from his restrictions and pushes his dick back in his mouth until he cums all over Mason’s face. He stands Mason up, at that point works a hot fat burden out of that ideal cock.

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