Leather Daddy Kristofer Weston Flogs And Fucks Brendan Patrick 2

Leather Daddy Kristofer Weston Flogs And Fucks Brendan Patrick

Axel Abysse

If you’re into cigar smoking, leather daddies and BDSM, you shouldn’t miss this video with muscle daddy Kristofer Weston and his slave Brendan Patrick.

We find Brendan Patrick in the right place where every slave must be. He is enclosed in a narrow cage, with his whole body fixed by means of leather straps. He lies immobile in the cage, while the pleasant scent of black leather spreads through the room. Very soon a vague figure stands out in the distance. The figure is approaching more and more until we clearly distinguish a man in a leather uniform smoking a cigarette.

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Finally, we see Kristofer Weston, who will play the role of a master in this video. By the way, we’ve seen this hot daddy once before. About 3 years ago, he made a great solo for Butch Dixon. Even then, we thought he hid a lot of secrets, but the guys from BoundGods were able to reveal them before us. The leather daddy walks around Brendan’s cell, and the camera gives us the chance to enjoy his body wrapped in the black matter. He continues to smoke his cigarette before releasing his slave. Brendan Patrick is finally free, but his commitments to the Master can not be overlooked.

Daddy Kristofer kneels down and begins to rim Brendan’s ass, still smoking his cigarette. He then grabs a whip and flogs his slave for a while before he burns Brendan’s balls with the cigarette. The fire must be extinguished and Weston knows how to do it. He pulls his dick out of his leather pants and starts pissing all over Brendan Patrick. The sadistic daddy finishes the session with some good ass fucking.

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