Leather Master Jason Collins Tortures Brian Bonds 2

Leather Master Jason Collins Tortures Brian Bonds

Axel Abysse

Jason Collins is a gay rocker. He likes to ride his bike in leather from head to toe. Brian Bonds plays the slave in this video by Bound Gods.

When Bryan Bonds met Jason Collins in a leather bar, he did not foresee what was going to happen. Thursday evening, people are quiet in anticipation of Friday. Everyone prefers to stay at home and waits for the weekend. But Brian is in the mood for a party. When he calls his friends and they all refuse to have fun, he decides to go to a place well known for him – a leather bar on the outskirts of the city, where he is never boring. Brian will drink some beers and go home … at least he thinks so.

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When Brian enters the bar, he notices a seemingly lonely rocker. Jason Collins sits near the bar and digs into his phone. His leather uniform is clinging to his ideal body, and Brian decides to speak to him. Jason does not seem enthusiastic at first, but a little later, after the next beer, he becomes quite pleasant and responsive. Beer after beer, they both talk, dance, kiss. The next morning Brian Bonds wakes up without memories of the last night. And then he realizes that he is chained in the corner of a dark, damp underground. It seems he was kidnapped.

A little later, Jason Collins shows up again. He only wears leather pants and harnesses, as Brian clearly sees his tattooed body. In his hand he holds a whip that he obviously intends to use. Even before he asks what is going on, Jason grabs Brian and begins to flog him with the whip. Then he attaches metal clamps to Bond’s nipples, which makes him scream with pain. Then, Jason binds Brian in a sling of ropes and continues to beat him. Very soon, Jason’s fat dick takes its place inside the slave’s hole..Well, Brian Bonds must admit that this experience was too good.

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