Mason Lear Fists And Fucks Josh Mikael 4

Mason Lear Fists And Fucks Josh Mikael

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Josh Mikael makes his debut for SpunkU with a very cool bareback and fisting video. The hairy bottom gets fucked and fisted by Mason Lear.

Mason Lear and Josh Mikael are in the play room and relax after a serious bareback session. They start playing billiards, but Josh notices that the stick is thick enough to make it interesting for the dirty pig. He tries to concentrate on the game, but in his brain there is a real storm of emotions and sights. Josh can not stop thinking about the stick and its thickness. Of course, Mason is experienced enough to notice that Josh has a different plan for using the stick so he offers him a try.

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Before we go back to the scene, let’s write a few words about Josh Mikael, as he is unknown to the audience. His actor’s career began 2 years ago, but he is not really active on stage. If we exclude this scene, he has only one more – it is a fisting scene for AlternaDudes with him as a bottom and a guy named Maxx Stoner as a top. For his personal life he is laconic and prefers not to reveal details of himself. He claims that a big, raw cock is enough to satisfy his sexual appetite, but if his partner is agreeable, he does not miss the chance to ride his fist. His favorite thing is to cum with a big fist in his hole, so he’s definitely a fist pig.

In his first fisting scene for SpunkU, Josh Mikael bottoms for Mason Lear. We come to the point where the billiard stick is finally stuck in Josh’s hole. Mason fucks the guy with the prick before he shoves his cock in Josh’s mouth. He blows Mason until his dick is ready for the action. Josh takes it bareback up his ass. Very soon Mason cums all over Josh’s hairy chest. He licks cum from Mason’s dick before he lowers himself on Mason’s arm. That’s how he ends – with Mason’s fist shoved in his cunt.

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