Men On Edge: Kip Johnson With Tony and Sebastian 6

Men On Edge: Kip Johnson With Tony and Sebastian

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Kip Johnson gets edged rough by Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando.

Last time Kip Johnson had a very hard BDSM session. He was terrorized by master Pierce Paris. Pierce was decking in rubber so Kip definitely had a good session (because he’s really into rubber). The scene was pretty hard and featured brutal flogging, face and ass fucking. Many models give up after the first session because Kink Men is filming a real BDSM, without any inhibitions. Kip, however, is not from these guys. He was impressed by his first session and was eager to return to repeat the activities.

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Today Kip Johnson is going to explore another sadistic but nice genre – cock edging. Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando take care of Kip and turn him into a sex toy of Men On Edge. Kip is curious to know what they have prepared for his first edging session. Sebastian and Tony put a black leather mask on his eyes and gag him. So Kip will be more sensitive to invasive procedures ahead of him. Then, Tony attaches a silicon penis ring with vibrating eggs to Kip’s cock.

The vibrator works on Kip’s cock as Tony sucks the big head of that venous member. Sebastian is not so gentle, so he pinches with metal clips Kip’s balls. It’s very painful but that makes Kip Johnson even hornier. Tony continues with some more cock and balls sucking, before the two masters fix Tony by a sleeveless leather vest. For the next part Sebastian Keys turn the dildo fucking machine on. The tool penetrates Kid’s ass and proceeds hard dildo fucking. Tony Orlando joins and begins to jerk Kip’s dick off. Very soon Kip shoots his cum all over his vest.. and believe us, cum on leather is the sexiest thing we’ve ever seen.

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