Men On Edge: Vander Pulaski 4

Men On Edge: Vander Pulaski

Axel Abysse

Master Sebastian Keys has a new cool slave – Vander Pulaski. Vander is a very sexy straight man who loves cock edging. In his first gay experience he gets edged hard by Sebastian and his helper, Tony Orlando. Vander is stripped to his briefs, blindfolded, and осйеа. He battles in subjugation, however regardless of his conditioned muscles, can’t escape from the meandering hands of Tony. Vander advises Tony to escape, however Tony just snickers and presses the hard length of Vander’s rooster through his briefs. They cut Vander’s briefs off him, uncovering his a flushed hard dick.

Tony can hardly wait to taste every last bit of this crisp meat. He licks Vander’s balls and runs his tongue along Vander’s pole, prodding the delicate head with his tongue and a screw sleeve. Vander Pulaski doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on however every one of the sensations are beginning to feel better. He starts to push his hips forward, looking for discharge. However, Sebastian and Tony simply pull away giggling each time he draws near. Next, they place Vander in servitude on a table with a ball stretcher pulley fixed to his body.

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Vander Pulaski groans around his bit muffle as Tony keeps on prodding his rooster. His groans increment as they bother the head with a vibrating sleeve. Vander is so turned on, he doesn’t have even an inkling what to do. Each new sensation drops him hornier and hornier. Tony sucks on his toes and licks his feet as Sebastian runs a vibrator along his pole. Vander doesn’t have a clue why they are doing this to him, however he truly needs to cum. His hips move quicker and quicker as he attempts to get off. Each time Vander draws near to cumming, his tormentors back off. At long last, they enable him to blow his heap. Vander Pulaski things they may release him now, however Sebastian and Tony aren’t done yet. From his feet to his armpits, they stimulate him hardheartedly as he whips on the table top.

Men On Edge: Vander Pulaski

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