Men On Edge: Zak Bishop Edged By Sebastian Keys & Brodie Ramirez

Men On Edge: Zak Bishop Edged By Sebastian Keys & Brodie Ramirez

Double Fisting at half price

In this special Men On Edge video for The 4th of July, Zak Bishop gets his large dick edged, his feet licked and his ass dildo fucked by rough gay BDSM master Sebastian Keys and his helper Brodie Ramirez. Zak is preparing for a BBQ party with certain companions. Arrangements complete, Zak naps in the hot sun close to the pool as he trusts that visitors will arrive. As he naps, Brodie and Sebastian look over his divider. These two horny downers are searching for some fun and Zak’s terrace looks as great a spot as any to party on Independence Day. They sneak up on Zak and shake him conscious!

Zak Bishop is surprised and winds up stripped and tied up in his own pool. He battles to escape, however once Brodie Ramirez begins sucking on his cock, the main thing Zak has at the forefront of his thoughts is cumming. Brodie jerks his cock, and prods it with his naughty tongue. Zak asks Brodie to draw him off, yet Brodie has different plans. He and Sebastian Keys drive a fuck sleeve down on his cock and Zak nearly blows his heap without even a moment’s pause. He pushes his hips in it’s meaty snugness, urgently looking for discharge, yet Brodie pulls it away ultimately, leaving his hard cock hurting for additional.

Next, Sebastian Keys & Brodie Ramirez tie Zak Bishop up inside and stuff his mouth loaded with sausage. Mouth loaded with meat, Zak is defenseless as Brodie strokes his cock and sucks his toes. He trembles all over as he draws nearer and closer to cumming, yet the masters are not finished at this point. Sebastian gets a fat dildo and pushes it in his tight asshole. Zak groans around the sausage in his mouth, slobber pooling on the counter as the two outsiders fuck his hole and smack his ass red. At long last, they flip him over and snap him off. Zak blows a colossal shoot all over himself. Brodie and Sebastian spruce up his weiner with a bun and sauces, and leave him there, tied up for his gathering visitors to discover.

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