Peter Fever Kink: Damian Dragon Fist Fucks Axel Abysse 5

Peter Fever Kink: Damian Dragon Fist Fucks Axel Abysse

Axel Abysse

In this episode of Peter Fever Kink, tattooed Asian gay porn star Damian Dragon plays with Axel Abysse’s deep hole. He rims, licks, fucks and fists it!

Extra tattooed Asian muscle star Damian Dragon slides his big fist deep inside the biggest rosebud. He fist fucks bottom #1, Axel Abysse. This is the short version, but how exactly they met each other? The culprit is Danny Zeeman who decided to include a fisting scene in the second part of Peter Fever Kink. Of course, as you could expect, the scene is pretty different than boring gay porn, because all the movies by Peter Fever have a non-standard look that fans adore. We’ve always liked them but this one is definitely a total hit. So, we have the best fisting bottom and a famous Asian star.. It just can not be better.

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Few words about Damian. Damian Dragon likes to play hard and as he says: “I’m a proud kinkster”. In his sexual life, Damian is always top as he adores to spank and flog his fuck buddies. Sometimes he just pounds them, sometimes he does it hard by fisting them. Damian has a massive, muscled body covered by so many tattoos.. His cock is not one of the biggest but he compensates with his high sexual energy. If you’re interested in him, we recommend 3 of his best scenes. The first one features him and David Ace. The second one is a very good BDSM solo. The third scene features Damian and Trevor Northman.

Still, let’s take a look at the script. Damian Dragon enters the room and finds Axel Abysse, wearing a black t-shirt with label “I fist on the first date”. Damian undresses Axel and begins to play with his pierced nipples. Axel then returns the favor by licking Damian’s tattooed body. He continues with more licking until his lips wrap Damian’s dick. We are not impressed by Damian’s erection, but it does not matter because Axel will take on something far more solid.

The show continues with Damian Dragon rimming Axel Abysse and his big rosebud. We really envy him, because let’s face it, this rose is our biggest fetish. After the good tongue-job, Damian continues by fucking Axel. As you already know, his member is replaced by his huge tattooed fist very soon. Here starts the best part – don’t miss it!

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