Raphael Moretti Barebacks Oscar Marin 4

Raphael Moretti Barebacks Oscar Marin

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Another super top joins the club of the largest dicks. Raphael Moretti has a 11 inches long, extremely fat dick. In his first scene he tops for Oscar Marin.

Raphael Moretti is Tim Tales’ new treasure, but we’ll talk about him a little later. Now, let’s check how everything started. Even when he woke up, Oscar Marin knew that today would be a special day. His sensation was about something overhanging him. His bottom-radar showed that Oscar would meet a truly massive cock. Maybe it was a sixth sense, but a little later his friend Tim Kruger sent him a message, calling him urgently in his apartment. Tim had written that Oscar would be really pleased with what he would see.

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Oscar had the opportunity to choose between going to work or accepting Tim’s offer. Of course, he chose the second one because he knew that Tim would had a very big surprise for him. Well, and his radar never lies. So, when Oscar saw Rafael, he was really stunned by the sight. Raphael Moretti is a cute young man. He is definitely not muscular, but apparently regularly attends the gym. His legs are covered with enough hair, and as you know Oscar loves hairy men. We mentioned the legs, but see the thing between them. Rafael’s third leg is also quite large. It is 11 inches long and quite thick, so every bottom would want it.

Finally, we got to the scene. Oscar Marin kneels down and begins to service the large cock. Raphael Moretti praises Oscar’s oral skills by telling him that this is the best blowjob he has ever had. Oscar strives to be perfect, but that’s because he wants his new friend as hard as he can. Well, he’s definitely hard when his cock penetrates Oscar’s tattooed ass. He first fucks Marin on the floor and then over Tim’s kitchen table. After fucking the cum out of Oscar, he spits his jizz inside the freshly fucked ass.

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