Raw Workloads: Pierce Paris Barebacks Aston Springs 5

Raw Workloads: Pierce Paris Barebacks Aston Springs

Axel Abysse

In this episode of “Raw Workloads” by Hot House Entertainment, coworkers Pierce Paris and Aston Springs have bareback sex. Pierce is the top and Ashton is the bottom.

Pierce Paris and Aston Springs are two of the best workers. It does not matter whether it’s hot or cold outdoors .. they just love their work. Today is one of the warmest days of the year, and these two work under the hot sun, so they have to take off their t-shirts. They quickly forget about their work, watching their muscular, half-naked bodies. They can no longer concentrate on what they are doing, and obviously they will soon become more than colleagues.

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Aston Springs decides to act and confidently makes the first move. He kneels down so that he could position his face directly against Pierce’s giant cock, then begins to process it slowly with his tongue, paying special attention to the big testicles. Pierce Paris’ member grows bigger and bigger, and it looks like it never stops growing. It’s almost never. Finally, it reaches a full capacity of 10 inches, and Pierce knows what to do with his enormous masculinity.

Pierce needs Aston’s tight ass. He bends Ashton down to taste this perfect ass before coming in, sliding his bareback penis deep into Aston’s hole that opens to take on this monstrous cock. Pierce pushes his hard cock even deeper and starts pumping to touch the deepest parts of Aston’s hole. After taking it from behind and riding the cock, Aston wants to watch Pierce and his muscular body, while Pierce Paris is fucking him.

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Aston Springs is lying down to allow Pierce to enter at a different angle. Aston feels amazing, and Pierce becomes more aggressive, faster and harder, until his penis finally shoots a series of raw workloads in Aston’s hole. But this is not yet the end of their “Raw Workloads” story. Pierce pushes the semen back into the hole with the help of his swollen member.

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