Rhyheim Barebacks Leon Reddz 5

Rhyheim Barebacks Leon Reddz

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Two new studs make their debut today. Tim Tales is welcoming Rhyheim and Leon Reddz. Rhyheim has a large dick and Leon has the perfect hole for it!

Ebony has always been a very expensive and valuable asset. In this case, the comparison is more than appropriate. Just look at these two ebony men – wonderful, athletic, with naughty looks and some really special charm. We welcome Rhyheim and Leon Reddz. They are both brand new to the porn industry but decide to make their debut for Tim Tales. They are huge fans of the studio, so they just chose their favorite stage to appear in the best possible way.

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What’s interesting about these two? Rhyheim and Leon Reddz are a real life couple. They live in Los Angeles, but they are now making the journey of their lives, crossing the most famous places in Europe. Of course, Barcelona is a must-have part of their plan … and Tim Kruger’s studio works right in this city. That’s how they fall for the first time in front of a camera, combining their excursion to Europe, with what they love – bareback sex.

As you will see, Rhyheim is really wonderful. He is tall, extremely muscular, and has a real treasure between his legs – an 11 inch ebony penis. We are certain that most bottoms are already ready to take this treasure, but it belongs to a particular person and his name is Leon Reddz. Leon is well looking guy, with a lot of tattoos all over his body. He is accustomed to taking large cocks .. normally, however, he has a big dick lover. For this scene, Rhyheim decides to wear a leather mask. If you’re into leather, you’ll see it often during the session. Now, let’s watch the video!

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