Rico Fatale Gets Barebacked By Peter Coxx 2

Rico Fatale Gets Barebacked By Peter Coxx

Axel Abysse

Italian gay porn star Rico Fatale makes his debut at Eric Videos with good bottoming for muscle stud Peter Coxx and his extra large bareback cock.

Rico Fatale walks around the city to overcome that particular sensation in his anus. He feels a burning heat that tells him that his hole wants to be serviced immediately. Fortunately, Rico is quite attractive, so he will quickly find a partner. The Italian is not muscular, but he has a well-groomed body, some tattoos on it, and, most importantly, he has that temperament, that special charm that makes all Italians so sweet.

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So, Rico goes to an old building that is the unofficial meeting place for men looking for uncommitted sex. As soon as he arrives, he notices another attractive man waiting for the same. They meet each other as the man presents himself: “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Peter Coxx” he says. Rico Fatale certainly approves what he sees. Peter is tall, with a pleasant look … in fact, he’s really a great man. There remains only one question – the size of Peter’s dick. Instead of waiting for them to go home, Rico decides to act immediately.

Rico pulls Peter’s cock and begins to suck it. The cock is soft in the beginning but very soon it grows and turns into a very big, hard boner.. “What a cool surprise” thinks Rico, while sucking the prick. The two kiss and Rico Fatale tells Peter, “Fuck me, please”. Peter Coxx slowly pushes his bareback member inside the Italian hole. He goes balls deep before he starts a very strong ass incursion. The two guys fuck long and hard until they end with spasmodic climaxes.

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