Sadistic Gay Soldier Riley Mitchell Torments Fugitive Tony Prower 6

Sadistic Gay Soldier Riley Mitchell Torments Fugitive Tony Prower

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Riley is acting as a very bad and rough gay soldier.

Somewhere around the Mexican wall. Riley Mitchell is proud to be among the first gay soldiers in the army but he’s a little overdoing. Like most people in such a position, instead of being tolerant, he has become known as the most brutal officer who applies all means to obtain the information needed from his victims. Mexican fugitive Tony Prower has managed to pass through the impenetrable wall. Many people have already questioned him but no one is in the liable to make him talk.

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It’s time the best in torture to use his methods. Riley explains to Tony, that he’s a gay soldier so if Tony refuses cooperation, he will not hesitate even to fuck him. That’s not enough to scare Tony, so he ens up chained to a chair. Riley flogs his body, using the whip to inflict painful strokes on Tony’s nipples, balls and cocks. The Mexican feels terrible, but he has no intention of sharing his secret with Riley. Maybe a big dick in his mouth will make this hetero more responsive. Riley shoves his dick in Tony’s mouth and begins to face fuck him.

At this point, Riley notices something strange – Tony’s cock is hard rock. Whether instead of punishment, he gets a nice service from Riley? Apparently, the threat about the gay soldier doesn’t work, so Riley needs to figure out something else right away. He grabs a large whip and this time flogs Tony very strong. He then uses an electrical machine for a shock therapy but Tony is still immovable. For the first time in his career Riley faces such a stubborn man. He decides to give up. Riley bends Tony over the bench and proceeds fucking. He eventually cums on Tony’s mouth. The Mexican smiles and finally speaks. He thanks Riley and promises him that he will tell him the whole truth if they repeat the last part.

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