Strong Arm Landlord - Movie Trailer 9

Strong Arm Landlord – Movie Trailer

Double Fisting at half price

The Untold Story of “Strong Arm Landlord”.

When you have no money to pay your rent, rent out your hole as the guys from “Strong Arm Landlord” do – good fisting always helps. That’s right, in a fictional world created for brutal pigs like us, people don’t need to worry about their money when it’s possible to pay with their holes. In this story by Club Inferno Dungeon, four super stars get together to create the world for which they were born.

Teddy Bryce, Drew Dixon, D Arclyte, and Tony Orlando give the beginning of a new society, in which only the size of the ass matters – the wider, the more expensive. Do you want to rent a property from them? Then just follow the instructions. Stretch your hole every day – take the biggest dildos up it. Play with fists and get fucked regularly. It is only when your rosebud is formed that you will become a worthy member of “Strong Arm Landlord” – the biggest pig property unity.

In the first two episodes, we are pleased to watch Teddy Bryce and Drew Dixon. Teddy owns several buildings in Manhattan, and that makes him one of the largest landlords in the city. For some time, his tenant Drew is hiding and not paying his rent, so Teddy visits him in his apartment. While he’s waiting for Drew to come home, Teddy notices a huge dildo on the nightstand. When Drew finally gets home, Teddy has already tried the toy. Now he has a plan how Drew will save his apartment – he just has to pay his rent through fisting twice a week.

In the next two episodes, the story repeats, but the models are different. The strong arm landlord is D Arclyte and the tenant is Tony Orlando. Tony is often late with his rent, but his friend Drew has already explained to him what the owner of his building is doing in such cases. Tony tells about it to D Arclyte, who is more than pleased to implement this system within his own property.

Club Inferno Dungeon

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