The Pledge: Brandon Wilde, Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller 4

The Pledge: Brandon Wilde, Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller

Axel Abysse

Brandon Wilde really wants to join the fraternity of Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller. But he has to accept the pledge that features sucking and bareback fucking.

Brandon Wilde has just been admitted to the best university. You probably know that every student must join a fraternity. That’s how The Pledge starts. Parties, joy .. new friends. Brandon really needs them. But to be popular, he must choose a brotherhood.

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After a very serious research, he concludes that the best place for him is the Alpha Omega Lambda Club. There’s only one problem – this is the most popular fraternity and the postulate to become a member is usually too difficult. Most students give up early, but Brandon is determined to get to the end.

The young student’s interview will be conducted by the old dogs Tyson Rush and Trevor Miller. They explain to Brandon Wilde that the relationship between members is particularly important to their brotherhood, so Brandon may think the pledge is strange, but that’s the only way to join.

The first part of the Brendan’s interview includes an oral exam. Trevor Miller orders Tyson Rush to pull out his dick, so Brandon can take it in his mouth. “Are you ready to suck that cock?” asks Trevor. He explains to Brandon that this is the most important part of his interview and if he gives up now, he must leave the brotherhood’s house immediately.

Brandon Wilde has no intention of stopping right now because the fulfillment of the pledge is very important to him. He opens his mouth and begins to suck Tyson’s dick. Trevor also wants his cock sucked so he instructs the student to do it. Brandon gags on Trevor’s fat meat before he takes it down his throat.

It looks that the members of Alpha Omega Lambda Club are very hard now.. Brandon is eager to feel them inside his ass. First to fuck the new brother is Tyson Rush. He enters Brandon and fucks him bareback. Then, Trevor Miller takes his turn with Brandon’s ass. He fucks raw the guy until his cock is ready to spit its load. He pulls out and sprays his jizz all over Brandon’s butt.

He then get down and eats the cum from Brandon’s ass. Meanwhile Tyson shoves his cock in the new brother’s mouth. He face fucks him for a while, before cumming inside his mouth. After that, Tyson and Trevor are sure that the pledge proves Brandon’s worth to Alpha Omega Lambda.

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