Titan Men Presents: Hell Room - A Brutal Sex Story 3

Titan Men Presents: Hell Room – A Brutal Sex Story

Double Fisting at half price

Imagine that you are in a bar whose owner is a satanist. Will you get into his Hell Room? In fact, you will not have choice because he will force you.

Another classic movie by Titan Men makes its full HD debut today. Hell Room is a story for brutal men who have brutal sex. It’s an intensive anal action in the typical for Titan Men aggressive style. The movie starts with Ray Dragon, who is a owner of a gay sex bar. The bar is just a cover for what’s going on in the room behind it. There, Ray closes men who like in order to make them part of his satanic sect. That’s how shy guy Michael Soldier finds himself fixed for the floor with a large cock in the ass.

The scene continues with Trey Rexx brutally fucking Michael. The second episode features ex-porn super stars Nick Piston and muscled Mike Grant. The two members of The Hell Room have found a new guy to fuck – Anthony Shaw. They take turns, pumping Anthony’s tight ass. The last scene features more legends – Arpad Miklos and Trent Cougar. They play the roles of sadistic fuckers. Their victim Rhet Hengst must suck them off and take their dicks up his ass if he wants to leave the room.

Overall, this movie is just what you can expect from the classic studio. Hell Room is raw and primary, saturated with a first-rate action that will leave you breathless. Men are harsh, muscular and very rough, just as real fans want them. They’re aggressive fuckers who love to dominate and abuse. On top of that, the movie is remastered in high resolution, making the scenes even brighter and more intense.

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